Irish Testimonials


Email sent to Diognostician Marita McGeady from  a happy mother, November 2013.

Hi Marita,

I would like to thank you so much for all your kindness to both my daughter and myself. We had the pleasure to attend you for an assessment for Aoife and her glasses this year. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know the difference her glasses have made.

Aoife is enjoying reading without getting so tired, her concentration has improved, her headaches are a thing of the past and in general her life is more comfortable if that makes sense!  My beautiful little daughter loves her glasses and looks after them so well. She finds them great and they have made a huge difference in her confidence and self esteem. Aoife will now read aloud in class!
Thank you again so much, I just wanted you to know the difference you have made to our daughters life!

Best Regards,
Audrey Murphy



Email sent to Screener Jenny Farrell from a happy client – Rowan, Age 15

Hi Jenny,

Since I have found out last year that I have Irlen Syndrome my life has changed dramatically for the better. Since I received my special glasses I have started to read quite often (I never used to read for pleasure before) - I do this in my spare time or when I am going to bed to help me sleep. Also, I have seen many other benefits - my school work is getting better and my concentration too has improved as a result of my glasses. In fact, the majority of my grades have gone from being C's or D's to being A's and B's.

The glasses have also increased my confidence in my ability and in myself. As a result of this, my sports and socialising skills have got better. The glasses are designed to make it easier for me to study, read and concentrate but in my experience they have helped me all round! Jenny, I would just like to thank you for this. You were the one who noticed the symptoms in me and you’re the reason that my life has dramatically changed for the better!

From, Rowan

Email sent to Screener Kathleen Geaney from a proud parent

Hi Kathleen, thought you'd like to know that Gary got 9 honours in his Junior Cert. 4xB and 5xC all higher level. We are so proud of his achievement. Thanks to you, Marita and the Ag (school) who acted on your advice. The lenses have changed his life for the better. He has options for a future now.

Gill, Gary’s Mother

A few comments made from parents to Irlen Screeners:
  • hope for the future
  • no more battles over homework
  • reading is now such a pleasure
  • if only I had heard of and discovered Irlen years ago

Quote from an adult client, Maria, to Diagnostician Maureen McMenamin

I was screened about two years ago for Irlen Syndrome and received my lenses. Before screening, my eyes would be itchy after reading for a short while. I would have headaches from the strain of trying to keep the words steady on the page. Since wearing my lenses, it is a complete change and I find them especially useful when working on my laptop, and when studying new information. I struggled as a child, but now I have found the answer to my problem.