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Email to Diagnostician Marita McGeady from a happy mother

Hi Marita,

I would like to thank you so much for all your kindness to both my daughter and myself. We had the pleasure to attend you for an assessment for Aoife and her glasses this year. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know the difference her glasses have made.

Aoife is enjoying reading without getting so tired, her concentration has improved, her headaches are a thing of the past and in general her life is more comfortable if that makes sense!  My beautiful little daughter loves her glasses and looks after them so well. She finds them great and they have made a huge difference in her confidence and self esteem. Aoife will now read aloud in class!

Thank you again so much, I just wanted you to know the difference you have made to our daughters life!

Best Regards,
Audrey M

Marita….Thank you so very much for my Irlen filters which arrived last week. I had them in snaszzy frames by the afternoon. I’m thrilled to bits with the comfort and no sore eyes or migraines to date. Today, I spread out all the Sunday papers and read with ease, no trouble. Oh what a pleasure it was, so much so I had to write to you.

A huge thanks again from both myself and my son, who never takes his Irlen filters off his face from dawn to dusk!  His attention to his studies is very impressive and persists.

Your patience, care and expertise was very much appreciated during each appointment, we are both most grateful we found you when we did.

Yours sincerely,

Noleen M.

Maureen has been an absolute blessing to our family! When our son Jackson was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome over a year ago, we were unsure of where to turn for help. Thankfully, we found Maureen, who has been a true professional throughout the entire process. Maureen’s expertise and dedication shone brightly during the assessment. She was incredibly thorough and took the time to understand Jackson’s unique needs and challenges. Her compassionate and caring nature instantly put Jackson at ease, making the assessment a positive and stress- free experience for him. Not only did Maureen accurately diagnose Jackson’s Irlen Syndrome, but she also provided us with valuable insights and practical recommendations to manage his symptoms effectively. Her knowledge of the condition and the various interventions available were impressive. We are immensely grateful for Maureen’s guidance and support. Thanks to her expertise, Jackson now has the appropriate tools, including coloured overlays and lenses, to alleviate visual stress and improve his reading experience. His confidence and comfort with reading have increased significantly.

Thank you, Maureen, for everything you’ve done for Jackson and our family”


I was diagnosed with having Irlen Syndrome two yrs. ago and since my diagnosis, my life has changed for the better. I’m no longer living on stress, which I was constantly was. My stress level was so high, my GP was surprised I hadn’t had a heart attack.

I was attending college and I really struggled, couldn’t concentrate, got distracted easily and couldn’t retain information. I would spend hours studying and sobbed quietly during exams as I couldn’t remember all I studied.

I now wearing my glasses and use colour paper and overlays to breeze through my day. I finally got my degree in nursing which I know I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t been diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome.

I have only the highest praise for this service especially for the two ladies I dealt with Maureen McMenamin and Screener Katherine Dugdale. I know my life has changed for the better, it’s so much easier to get through the day. I first heard about Irlen when my daughter diagnosed with it.

This condition needs to be recognised more, so people won’t be going through life like I did. I have depression, but it was much worse before I got my diagnoses. I felt so stupid and thick, I now realise that I’m actually quite clever. 

There are so many people with this condition out there and I’m always explaining to people when they ask about the glasses. I keep sending them to the website. Being diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome is the best thing that has happened to me. By the way, I’m 53 and only now discovering the joy of reading and learning.

Thank you.  Toni

My daughter Mary, aged 10, had concerns with reading. Kathleen became known to me, and I decided to bring Mary to her for an assessment for Irlen Syndrome. I found Kathleen to be most professional and friendly. For the moment we met her, I felt at ease, Mary felt very at ease also. At the start of the assessment, Mary would have been apprehensive, however as the assessment progressed, Mary appeared more relaxed and chattier. This was because of Kathleen’s approachable manner and her kindness. The time flew by because of how comfortable we were made feel. Kathleen’s knowledge and professionalism made me feel confident that we were going to get the right outcome for Mary.

 I wish Kathleen well in her future Irlen work . 


I was so impressed by your gentle nature and willingness” to go with flow” for Caoimhe to feel comfortable…thank you so very much.     R. L.

I am writing this as a parent of a child who has been assessed + diagnosed by Catriona O’Hanlon for Irlen syndrome whom I found very helpful+ accommodating.

Catriona was very patient + thorough in her assessment and I found that if I had any queries, she was more than happy to talk+ explain through the finer details with both myself + my son.

Wishing Catriona best wishes with her further in Irlen.

Ann F.

My daughter attended Caitriona for Irlen Screening  last year.  She was extremely anxious at the time of assessment and Caitriona was outstanding with the way she approached her, immediately putting her at ease.  She was very professional and caring at the same time.

I have no hesitation in recommending Caitriona as an Irlen Screener and Diagnostician.


To whom it concerns,

I would highly recommend Caitriona in the area of Irlen screen/diagnostics, coming from the perspective of both a professional and a parent.

I am Paediatric Physiotherapist and see a number of children who present with dyspraxia, dyslexia and other motor problems.  I have referred some to Caitriona for Irlen Screening with great results and feedback from parents of those children has been excellent. As a parent, I brought my own two boys to Caitriona and found her to be extremely professional, kind and patient with the children, and above all, very knowledgeable on the subject.

Louise  A

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