Reading By The Colours

Book Title: Reading by the Colors

Author: Helen Irlen

Publisher: Penguin Putnam Publishers

ISBN: 0-399-53156-4

Description: Overcoming dyslexia and other reading disabilities through the Irlen method by Helen Irlen. Since 1980, educational psychologist Helen Irlen has been researching and developing her method for helping children and adults with perceptual reading and learning problems. RBC explains in easy-to-understand language what is a perceptual problem, the method of identification, and treatment. The book is filled with wonderful descriptions of the wide variety of ways that this problem affects an individual and explains carefully the changes that can take place with the appropriate use of color. This book offers the first glimpse for a permanent solution.

Brain Warriors Podcast with Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen – Episode #288 (2019) Irlen Syndrome and The Medical Breakthrough No One Saw Coming. can be seen on YouTube

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