Brighid Hennessy - Screener

Brighid Hennessy – Screener

Brighid Hennessy

Brighid Hennessy graduated from Maynooth University with an honours degree in English, Theology and Sociology. Subsequently she completed a Higher Diploma and Masters in Education. She has held various Special Duties Posts and an Assistant Principal Post during her teaching career. Brighid is currently on secondment from St. Mary’s Academy, CBS, Carlow.

Brighid trained and certified as an Irlen Screener in 2020 and has been screening children and adults in the South East. She was first introduced to Irlen when her son was screened for the syndrome and witnessed first-hand the transformative power of the coloured lenses which correct the visual distortions for her little boy. Her son is now an avid reader and wears his lenses with pride. She is a passionate supporter of the Helen Irlen method of screening and never misses an opportunity to advocate for Irlen.

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