Emer Prendiville – Screener

Emer Prendiville – Screener

Emer graduated from Froebel College of Education, Dublin with a B.Ed degree in primary teaching. She recently retired after 37 years of teaching in the classroom and also in learning support/ resource.

It was through a child in her class some years ago who was wearing coloured glasses that she came to learn of Irlen and the wonderful benefits the lenses can provide for the struggling individual, student or adult.

Emer trained as an Irlen screener and loves having the opportunity to screen people to help provide them with the ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ that has eluded them.

She believes all teachers should be made aware of how to look for Irlen in their students and many should be trained to screen for Irlen Syndrome in their schools. She would love to see every child with learning difficulties screened for Irlen Syndrome in Ireland. She is based in Kildare.


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