Kathleen Geaney

Kathleen Geaney

Kathleen Geaney graduated as a Home Economics teacher in 1979. She has recently retired from teaching, having worked full time in education for 34 years. Kathleen taught Home Economics, Nutrition, Food Science, Craft and Design, Textiles, Childcare, Sociology as well as Social Personal and Health Education to all levels. She has held various Special Duties Posts and an Assistant Principal Post during her teaching career. She has also worked with the State Examinations Commission as an Adising Examiner and Superintendent at the State Examinations. She is currantly working as a Home School Liaison Officer.

Kathleen discovered Irlen by seeing firsthand the benefits of Irlen lenses in the classroom. One of my students was wearing coloured lenses.

I was not aware that these lenses had any particular significance for this sudent until she mislaid them and it became very obvious to me that how she perceived the printed page without her lenses was very different.

Kathleen  developed a keen interest in Irlen Syndrome and trained as a Screener in 2003, receiving her training from Marita McGeady who has been working in this area for many years. She has since been screening both adults and children in the Cork area and finds the work extremely rewarding.Kathleen hopes that Irlen Syndrome will soon be more widely recognised especially in the areas of  Health and Education as the treatment of Irlen Syndrome  can help alleviate many disorders.

The Power of Colour can change a Life!

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