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Clients – Irlen Lens Users Describe Experience

Dear Marita,

This letter of thanks for all your help for my daughter L. is long overdue. Since she got her Irlen filters it is like a total transformation has suddenly happened. It is now over a year so no one could call the giant strides she has made in both reading and writing a ‘flash in the pan’! With every day she has improved. Straight away all the tiredness and exhaustion disappeared. She could read and write, work and learn just like any other child.

She herself is proud of her progress. Her support teacher, class teacher and head mistress are all astounded that tinted glasses could make such a huge difference. It had been suggested that she go to a school for ‘Dyslexics’ but not anymore. She is well able for her class and normal studies. If anything she is operating at a very high level as her IQ is extremely high. She is enjoying reading and writing brilliant poetry.

I had been a bit sceptical about Irlen and tinted lenses but now realise how lucky we were to find you Marita and Irlen the source of her problem. To think in this day and age such a simple thing can make the difference between a child being classed as stupid or lazy and bright, energetic and able.

Thank you for letting L’s light shine, with gratitude, M. C. McK.

Maureen has assessed our primary school age daughter for her current Irlen lenses and also her previous Irlen lenses. Wearing Irlen glasses has been a life changing experience for my daughter. She had previously struggled at school, suffering from headaches, tiredness and was unable to focus on classwork. She actually believed that the words moved on the page for everyone when reading and was amazed to find that wearing the correct tint prevented this from happening. When she began wearing the glasses she could enjoy school fully for the first time. She could see the board properly.  Her test scores improved dramatically and she is much happier and more confident. Maureen makes the Irlen assessment process very relaxing and always takes her time with the client to ensure the most suitable tint is found.

Thank you so much Maureen!

Our son was diagnosed with severe Irlen Syndrome when he was eight years old. Before his diagnoses, we noticed he was having difficulty with reading and writing. He would get very upset and frustrated when asked to read. When we asked the reason for this, he explained he couldn’t see the words because they were sometimes blurry or swirling around or floating off the page and that he felt sick trying to concentrate on the words and very often ended up with a headache and feeling exhausted. Writing, we discovered was equally frustrating for him. He would take hours to complete assignments because he found it difficult to organising his thoughts and expressing them on paper.  Seeing his frustration was heart breaking and so upsetting for us as parents. In 2013, we started to investigate the many possible reasons for his discomfort, we discovered Irlen overlays and coloured lenses and what a positive difference they have made to his life.  Once the correct colour combination was sorted, we noticed how relaxed, comfortable and less up- tight he was within himself.  It was amazing  to see  how such a debilitating problem could be easily fixed by Irlen coloured lenses, not alone did the  prescribed lenses  give him back the love of learning and the enjoyment of reading, they also gave him back self-esteem and confidence to face life’s many challenges. It has been ten years since first diagnosed and during that time he has received many academic achievements and awards, something we’re sure wouldn’t have been possible without the use of Irlen lenses.

Thank you, MP

My daughter is 9 years old and recently diagnosed with dyslexia.  I mentioned a few traits that my daughter had to Caitríona, at her clinic, and she recognised Irlen Syndrome by the symptoms immediately.  They matched what my daughter was describing.  I organised an Irlen Screening appointment with Caitriona at her clinic to find out more. Caitriona was so patient and supportive to us both throughout the consultation.  My daughter felt enormous relief to be able to explain what she was experiencing and for me to realise that I could help her more.  Caitriona explained to us both, in easy-to-understand language what Irlen is and how the glasses can help.  

My daughter has been wearing the glasses for two months now and almost immediately she could see the benefits.  Her school was very accommodating with the recommendations Caitriona made to help with Irlen in a classroom setting.  My daughter can now read and see words and letters clearer, the filters make her feel calm and more relaxed.  Overall, a very happy girl with her new cool glasses.


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