The Irlen Revolution

The Irlen Revolution

Book Title: The Irlen Revolution

Author: Helen Irlen

Publisher: SquareOne Publishers

ISBN: 978-0-7570-0236-6

Problems in processing visual information can cause physical symptoms and fragmented vision that affect attention, concentration, and performance. Thankfully, there is an easy, cost-effective solution – the Irlen Method. The Irlen Revolution is here.

The book begins by telling Helen’s journey, focusing on her work with struggling readers and detailing how she eventually discovered the Irlen Method. A detailed description of an Irlen Screening is provided, including strategies you can try at home. Finally, the author discusses the individual issues and disabilities that can get in the way of learning – what they are and how the Irlen Method can be used to treat them effectively. Each chapter deals with a different disability and includes questionnaires that you can use to become your own detective and find the root cause of the difficulty. Rounding out the book is an extensive appendix, which explores an array of other possible causes of attention, concentration, performance, and academic problems; provides recommendations for treatment; and offers helpful resources.

ADD, ADHD, Depth Perception, Reading music, Busy Brian, Lighting.

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